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FELIX Rock Candy

The CD is finally out! I'd like to thank everyone for visiting the website. I appreciate your support and I hope that you've already purchased a CD. I realize that although I am a founding member of zebra, that you have no idea what I sound like without randy and guy! Don't let it remain a mystery. If you like good music, you'll love Rock Candy. Please let all of your friends know about the CD, and call your favorite radio station and request them to play rock candy -- Thanks again, peace... Felix

"Rock Candy" Has Arrived!!!
See a letter from Felix and a glimpse of the new album exclusively here!

"Odd Fellows Rest"
An song titled "Odd Fellows Rest" from Felix's upcoming solo CD is featured on "The Poe Project CD".

"Felix Hanemann, our second contributor from the rock group ZEBRA, has been a friend of mine for over 18 years. We've had a lot of fun in that time working together on commercial jingles and radio plays. I felt his song about a real cemetery in New Orleans (his hometown) was the perfect way to bring our project to a conclusion. After all, what can be more horror inducing than the thought of death. I think Poe would have agreed. He, of course, was obsessed with death, as well as being surrounded by it his whole life! The fear of premature burial, in particular, is the theme of many of his works, as well as the title of one of his most famous stories."

- Dennis Daniel, WBAB - CLIO Winner

"Odd Fellows Rest"
Written and Performed by: Felix Hanemann
Backing Vocals: Tom Staab
Engineered and recorded by:
Bruce Zwelsky at Courtesy Studios,
West Hempstead, Long Island
(516) 485-2028.

Read the lyrics to "Odd Fellows Rest"
Hear a sample of the song - 1.6 meg .wav | 78k realaudio


Felix's Comments:
Odd Fellow's Rest is the name of a cemetery in New Orleans on Canal Street. I felt it represented the feelings evoked by Poe's work. The song is pretty much about the cemetery itself as an entity singing that "no matter whether you're rich or poor, I'm still gonna claim you in the end!" If that isn't "Poe-like" I don't know what is!

What is the Poe Project?
The Saltare Foundation For The Arts, in cooperation with TOPLINE, Promote LONG ISLAND (PROLINY), The Long Island Radio Broadcasters Association (LIRBA), the Long Island Voice and Five Towns College have joined forces to create an event within the timely season of Halloween that links itself to the master, Edgar Allan Poe.

Who is Edgar Allan Poe?
Edgar Allan Poe is a master of prose and poetry for the ages that abide in the realms of the macabre and the bizarre.

The Poe Project CD
This multi-layered cultural event begins with the creation of The Poe Project CD. An Omnibus compilation of Poe's poems, original songs about Poe, and the short story The Black Cat, read by prominent Long Island disc jockeys from WBAB, WBLI, WALK, WRCN, WBZO and WLIR, along with guest appearances by Newsday's Ed Lowe, Gary Owens (of Laugh-In, Gong Show, and voice-over fame), world famous cartoonist Gahan Wilson (who also donated artwork), the members of the rock band ZEBRA, TOPLINE voice-over talent and an impressive list of local Long Island bands, culled from the Long Island Voice series of CD's, who will be creating original music to go along with the readings and dances. This CD will be made available for free in the beginning of October through ads in the L.I.V. The production and distribution of the CD will be made possible by the Long Island Voice and sponsors. The L.I.V. will also contribute full page ads to help promote the CD. TOPLINE will contribute all artwork and design elements for the CD, posters, and ads.

The Poe Night at Five Towns College
On the night of Thursday, Oct. 29th, beginning at 8p.m., Five Towns College will host an hour-and-a-half show that will feature live poetry and short story readings, dance, and live music. Look for Felix to perform "Odd Fellows Rest" live that night! There will be a half-hour meet and greet session in the lobby after the performance.

Check out The Poe Project web site at

FELIX Rock Candy

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